Saturday, December 31, 2011

Watchmen 2 In The Works: Idiots Prepare To Make Electric Boogaloo Jokes

Anyone who’s anyone who’s anyone knows the importance that Watchmen had on the history of sequential art (which is a cockended way of saying ‘comics’). It had boobies and swearing and violence, as well as a final twist that is consistently ranked as one of the greatest twists in fictional history; ranked after the Hungry [...]


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Katy Perry & Russell Brand Are Getting Divorced!

After one year of marriage, the couple is calling it quits. See more celeb pairs who are back to going solo


Catherine Bell Chandra West Charisma Carpenter Charli Baltimore

3 Actresses, Including Zooey Deschanel, Who Can Also Sing

It seemed like Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt hit it off in 500 Days of Summer, but they actually knew each other long before filming that movie. According to Zooey, they?ve been friends for almost 12 years now. She says they have a lot of fun together and she hopes ?to do a thousand more [...]


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Alessandra Ambrosio Is Pregnant

In honor of Victoria’s Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio getting pregnant again, I thought I’d showcase a few shots of her incredible body during better days, before it gets all weird looking and human-filled. It’s kind of impressive how hot supermodels still look when they’re pregnant, it just looks like they’ve had a big meal and [...]


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'Hunger Games' Hopes And More: 2012 Movie Wish List

MTV Movies team has high hopes for 'The Avengers,' 'Looper' and more.
By MTV News staff

Jennifer Lawrence in "The Hunger Games"
Photo: Lionsgate

As we while away the last few days and hours of 2011, looking back upon all the great, unforgettable fare that descended upon our cineplexes this year, we can't help but get excited for what the new year will bring us.

We might not get another "Harry Potter," but there's a lot coming down the pike to fill the void: a new "Alien"-esque film in "Prometheus," the gritty and ruthless "Hunger Games," the superhero spectacle "The Avengers," and a brand new Batman, via "The Dark Knight Rises." Here's a brief rundown of what we hope delivers on the hype and makes our "Best of 2012" lists this time next year.

A Successful "Avengers" Assembly
I have a lot of high hopes for movies in 2012. I need "Prometheus" to be as awesome as it appears to be, and Christopher Nolan has to send Batman off in style, but perhaps my biggest concern comes in the form of "The Avengers." Bringing Earth's Mightiest Heroes together under one cinematic roof is a lofty idea, and one that could easily explode in Marvel's face. A successful "Avengers" would mean ambitious, world-building films that extend across multiple franchises can exist. An "Avengers" that fails both critically and commercially is nothing short of a gut shot for comics on the big screen. Too much effort and passion, both from filmmakers and fans, has been put into "The Avengers" over the past few years. Marvel absolutely has to get it right ... and I've got all my fingers, toes and what-have-you's crossed that they will. - Josh Wigler

Taylor Kitsch Solidifies His Movie-Star Status
Fans of the dearly departed drama "Friday Night Lights" know Taylor Kitsch as big Tim Riggins, the football-playing, bad-boy-with-a-big-heart from Dillon, Texas. But if you've never spent four quarters with the state champion Panthers, you may not be well-acquainted with Kitsch's sizeable acting chops (and even bigger biceps). After all, his big-screen turns ("X-Men Origins: Wolverine," "The Bang Bang Club") haven't left such an indelible mark as his TV alter ego. But that could (and should) all change in 2012, as the 30-year-old headlines two big-budget popcorn flicks: Disney's "John Carter" and the boardgame-cum-potential-blockbuster "Battleship." Here's hoping clear eyes and full hearts really can't lose. - Amy Wilkinson

"The Hunger Games" Takes Out "Twilight"
The end of the "Twilight" film franchise is bittersweet. We'll miss our favorite vampires and werewolves, but 2012 marks the arrival of a new franchise that deserves just as much attention and adoration as Stephenie Meyer's fangtastic fantasyland. "The Hunger Games" is not "Twilight" and shouldn't ever be compared as such, but it deserves that blockbuster status. This is a story about survival, self-reliance and discovery, with a female protagonist who is strong, resilient, independent, intelligent and real. In short, Suzanne Collins' creation has everything modern youth-targeted fiction lacks. I pray to the movie powers for Gary Ross' big-screen adaptation to be the biggest success story of the year and that the fan fervor for the "Games" doubles that of "Twilight." - Kara Warner

Luck For "Looper"
Looking ahead to 2012, it's impossible to not stop in awe when considering the sheer number of blockbusters I can't wait to see. This is "stars aligning" material. We're talking Batman, Bilbo and Bond, but if I have my way, people will turn out in droves to see a movie they probably haven't heard of yet: Rian Johnson's "Looper." A sci-fi/crime movie hybrid, "Looper" takes place in the near future where mobsters send their enemies back in time where waiting hitmen finish the job. In the film, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis play the younger and older versions of the same character, and if that and the story don't completely sell it, I'm afraid you're lost, my friend. Test screenings left critics raving, and Johnson has made consistently interesting work since his indie debut "Brick." If there is any justice at the movies, people will see "Looper." - Kevin Sullivan

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Photos | Beyonce's 'Love On Top' Tease: Five Key Scenes!

Beyonce's 'Love On Top' Tease: Five Key Scenes!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Jon Von Jovi Is Not Dead, It Was All A Hoax

Jon Von Jovi isn’t ready to roll around in his grave just yet. The famed singer is the latest celebrity victim of a Twitter death hoax. Fans will be happy to know that Bon Jovi is alive and well, and prepping for a charity concert in New Jersey. News first broke about the singer’s (fake) [...]


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Lindsay Lohan for Jag Jeans

Lindsay Lohan

Nabbing herself another new gig as she tries to improve her financial situation, Lindsay Lohan has been named as an endorser for Jag Jeans. The troubled actress is featured in a new campaign for the denim brand, with the shoot having taken place at the SLS Hotel in Los Angeles. Of choosing LiLo for the gig, a Jag spokesperson told, ?As Jag Jeans? newest endorser, Lindsay embodies the strength and fearlessness of the woman of today. She is unafraid to be who she is. She is fierce yet exudes feminine grace.? Miss Lohan's photo session was spearheaded by world-renowned photographer YuTsai, who has worked in the past with top names including Anne Hathaway, Mila Kunis, Rihanna and Janet Jackson. [gallery=807]


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Russell Brand Files For Divorce From Katy Perry

Couple calls it quits after a week of swirling rumors.
By Andrea Duncan-Mao

Katy Perry and Russell Brand (file)
Photo: Jeff Vespa/ Getty Images

It appears that one of entertainment's most spirited couples -- Katy Perry and Russell Brand -- are heading for divorce. After the two were spotted separately over the holidays -- neither wearing their wedding rings -- rumors of a split reached a fever pitch Thursday.

Now TMZ is reporting that Russell Brand has filed for divorce in Los Angeles citing "irreconcilable differences."

Brand has released a statement, saying, "Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I will always adore her and I know we'll remain friends."

The couple, who met at the 2008 VMAs and married in India in 2010, have no children.

Brand recently addressed the breakup rumors with Ellen DeGeneres. "There are always rumors, aren't there? In the end, you have to just not engage with Internet technology, which is difficult because a lot of the nude women websites I quite enjoy," Brand joked. "I've treated the whole Internet now like it's a wicked little liar. Yeah. I am really happily married," he added. "I'm married to Katy. Perpetually, until death do us part was the pledge."

Perry took to Twitter in November to brush off earlier rumblings. "First I'm pregnant & then I'm divorced. What am I 'All My Children'?! #ericakane #pshhh #ifihadadollarforeverytime ...," she tweeted.

As of press time, neither celebrity, both with massive followings, had addressed the court filing on Twitter.

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New Year, New TV Lineup: Guide to Midseason Premieres

TV fans have lots to look forward to in the coming months, with oodles of TV shows returning and/or premiering this spring. Here's a look at some of the notable ones!


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Emily Sears Doubles Up The Hotness

It looks as though the folks over at Zoo magazine thought it might be a good idea if they, through the magic of photoshop, doubled up hottie Emily Spears for a little girl-on-girl action… I couldn’t agree more. Here she is playing with herself, sort of, in some sexy lingerie shots. I’m kind of confused [...]


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Kendra Wilkinson Calls Crystal Harris ?Mean?

All's fair in love and ... puppies? The battle between Hugh Hefner and his almost-wife Crystal Harris continues to rage as the Playboy playmate is now calling for Hef to return their Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy Charlie to her six months after their split.


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Thursday, December 29, 2011

All you Star Wars re-enacting, Klingon speaking, comic book reading, basement dwellers can finally get laid!


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Best Movie Deaths Of 2011

From 'Harry Potter' to 'Drive,' MTV News mourns — and praises — the year's best fictional deaths.
By Kevin P. Sullivan

"Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2"
Photo: Warner Bros

It is traditional at the end of the year to look back on those we have lost in Hollywood. Usually this means a poignant montage of actors, actresses and crew members during the Academy Awards, but it should also be noted that plenty of fictional passings occurred in 2011 as well.

They may have been memorable, sad, thrilling or even funny, but each movie death meant something, and if we were to look back on the characters that passed away this year, these are the five that would get the biggest applause.

It should noted that this article contains nothing but spoilers.

Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon in "X-Men: First Class")
All it took was a coin through the skull to remind us why Kevin Bacon should be in more movies. His character, Sebastian Shaw, lived large and in style, choosing a submarine as his method of world travel and double-breasted suits as his villainous costume. When Magneto finally met up with him to serve up some revenge extra cold, Shaw ate it in one of the most memorable scenes of 2011.

Fred Weasley (James Phelps in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2")
Many characters didn't live to see the end of the Battle of Hogwarts, but none hurt as much as the demise of one-half of the ginger-haired duo. George may have lost an ear in Part 1, but he lost a twin brother during the series finale, and we were there with him. At the very least, we can all remember the fun times we had together and rest assured that there is still one genetically identical person walking Diagon Alley.

Beth Emhoff (Gwyneth Paltrow in "Contagion")
The look of terror on Paltrow's face from the trailer may rank among some of the year's most horrifying movie images. Beth Emhoff's death early in the film starts the chain reaction that sets the film's wheels in motion, but none of the millions of deaths caused by the virus are shown with as much intimacy. She may have been patient zero, but she'll always be #1 in our hearts.

Shannon (Bryan Cranston in "Drive")
Bryan Cranston's Shannon didn't have much time to accept his fate, and neither did we. Before we knew it, Bernie Rose (played by Albert Brooks) had declared it "over." Even the toughest of moviegoers had to flinch at the sight of the razor blade cutting through the neighborly mechanic's arm. Shannon added both comic relief and charm to a movie that benefitted so greatly because of it.

Planet Earth in "The Tree of Life" and "Melancholia"
The character we're all closest with bit the dust not once but twice this year at the movies. It's never an easy thing, watching the planet you've grown up on destroyed — just ask Princess Leia. But never has the destruction of our home world been shown with as much stunning cinematography as it was in mouth of these art house hits.

Stick with MTV News as we count down the Best of 2011, including the top Artists, Songs, Live Performances and EDM Artists of the year.

For breaking news, celebrity columns, humor and more — updated around the clock — visit

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Beyonce Talks Pregnancy Cravings on '20/20'1675198

Singer says people keep trying to give her hot sauce and pickles.

Photo: ABC

Root Beer, chicken wings, pickle juice, donuts, mac and cheese. Pregnant women have all kinds of odd cravings, but in an interview slated to air on Friday night on "20/20," Beyoncé told interviewer Katie Couric that she hasn't had those typical late-night urges during her pregnancy. "Not really anything crazy," B told Couric. "I've read that I like ketchup on everything," she added, saying that the rumor is not true. And when Couric tried to confirm other Internet whispers about what the singer is allegedly making hubby Jay-Z rush out to the corner bodega for at 2 in the morning, Beyoncé said the wildest one is also not true.

"I also read that you like ice cream with hot chili sauce," Couric said. "Yeah, that's very strange," responded Beyoncé, who was dressed in flowing purple pants with a white pattern, a black leather jacket and black pregnancy top with a subtle blue design. "Is that true?" Couric pressed. "No it is not. I was on a plane and the flight attendant came and was like, 'I have your hot sauce and pickles and bananas.' I was like, 'That is absolutely disgusting, what are you doing?' He's like, 'I read it on the Internet.' " When Couric asked the question everyone wants to know, whether she should get the singer a pink or blue baby gift, Beyoncé smiled and put her finger up to her mouth and gave a coy, "hmmm." In another segment, Couric and Beyoncé take a stroll past New York's Roseland Ballroom, where the pop icon played the four shows earlier this year that became the subject of her just-released "Live at Roseland" DVD
. "When I was here it was raining and there were thousands of people in their coats and umbrellas waiting outside for hours," she said of the summertime shows. "Which always feels a little overwhelming because I'm like, 'I hope I give them enough.' But everyone had a great time." video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

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Beyonce Fans Weigh In On Baby's Anticipated Arrival

From the birth date to the sex of the baby, fans share their thoughts with MTV News.
By John Mitchell

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty Images

It's almost here, and no, we're not talking about New Year's. Here at MTV News we're waiting patiently for an even bigger event: the birth of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby.

And depending on whom you ask, Queen Bey's little prince or princess might be here sooner than any of us thought. According to various media reports, Beyoncé may even be in labor right now.

Rumors that the 4 songstress, who was one of MTV's top Newsmakers of 2011, was set to give birth Wednesday (December 28) first surfaced on Media Takeout, with two nurses at New York's Saint Luke's Roosevelt Hospital allegedly telling the celebrity gossip site that they were informed last night that a "celebrity VIP" who had reserved half of the hospital's luxury labor and delivery floor would be arriving to give birth Wednesday.

There has been no confirmation that the rumored VIP is indeed Beyoncé, and representatives for the star did not immediately respond when asked for comment.

Fans of the "Countdown" singer and her hip-hop mogul husband are starting to get very excited about baby Jayoncé. When MTV News took to the streets of New York to ask Bey's fans their thoughts on when they expect the baby to make its debut and whether it will be a boy or a girl, they had plenty to say.

Most of Bey's fans told us they expected the baby to be born in January, with one perhaps astute fan zeroing in on New Year's Day, saying, "I think Beyoncé's baby will be born sometime in January, maybe on the first."

We found only one dissenter on the chilly streets of NYC, and he seemed to have the best knowledge of past public statements from the couple, including an early-September interview with Beyoncé that announced that the baby was actually due in February. "I trust Jay Z, I think he's a good guy," the fan said. "Him and Beyoncé are a good couple, so they wouldn't lie to the public. So Beyoncé's baby is going to be born in February."

And nearly all of the fans we surveyed believe the power couple is expecting a baby girl. Perhaps they caught wind of de facto auntie Kelly Rowland's slip of the lip on a London red carpet in early November, where the former Destiny's Child singer said, "I have no idea what I'm going to buy Beyoncé at the baby shower because Jay is going to buy that little girl every single thing possible. She won't be spoiled, but she will be very well looked-after."

One fan was particularly excited for a baby girl because she hoped the babe picked up Beyoncé's good genes. "Hopefully a girl," she told MTV News. "Probably because I'm a fan of Beyoncé's looks."

One thing all could agree on was that Jay and Bey's bundle of joy would jump right to the top of the celebrity baby power list. "A power baby, obviously," one fan said, while another added, "It's gonna be a pretty cool baby, that's for sure. Probably gonna run New York City by the time he's 13 or 14."

Do you think Beyoncé and Jay-Z's baby will be a boy or a girl? Let us know in the comments!

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Where Will Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga Party On New Year's?

From New York to L.A., celebs have plans to ring in 2012 with a bang.
By Jocelyn Vena

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Denise Truscello

New Year's Eve is the last chance you'll have to party in 2011. And as the days to plan out your big night begin to dwindle, MTV News is rounding up some of the biggest parties on the planet. From Los Angeles to New York, there's something for everyone.

The Kardashians will be hosting several parties all over Las Vegas. Kim will be at Tao (for a fee of reportedly $600,000), Kourtney, along with the Madden Brothers, will party it up at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens at Paris while Rob has it on lock at Tryst.

Other big Sin City parties include Chris Brown's shindig at Pure, Mary J. Blige's bash at RPM Nightclub, Bruno Mars at The Bank and B.o.B at LAX (the club, not the airport). Fergie and will both be in Vegas to ring in 2012. The Black Eyed Peas' leading lady will be at 1Oak, while be DJing at Surrender. Professional party rockers LMFAO will be shufflin' all night long at Haze Nightclub at Aria. Newly engaged John Legend will perform at the Palms with T-Pain and Paul Oakenfold.

As celeb-filled as it may seem, not all the stars will be in Vegas. In Los Angeles, Mario Lopez is hosting a party at Hollywood & Highland that boasts performances by Lupe Fiasco and Cobra Starship. And in Chicago, "American Idol" alum Lee DeWyze will be at the Hard Rock Hotel with DJ Chris Kennedy (Chris Masterson) spinning tunes. Kanye West's plans have yet to be determined, but he recently tweeted he's looking for a place to DJ right into 2012. We're sure someone will find a place for him at their party.

New York is the home of all things New Year's. Lady Gaga has been booked to perform on two NYE specials: the 40th annual "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" and the Japanese program "Kohaku Uta Gassen."

For those who want to snuggle up on their couch and avoid all the partying madness, MTV has your back. This year Demi Lovato, Mac Miller, Selena Gomez, J. Cole, Jason Derulo and more will be on hand for "NYE in NYC 2012," which will air live at 11 p.m. ET on Saturday (December 31) from Times Square, where the famous ball drops on, you guessed it, MTV.

What are your New Year's Eve plans? Let us know in the comments!

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Demi Lovato: A Look Back At Her Big 2011

This year saw the Disney star experiencing professional and personal breakthroughs.
By Jocelyn Vena

Demi Lovato
Photo: Denise Truscello/ Getty Images

Demi Lovato will be on hand for MTV's New Year's Eve festivities to rock the night with a performance. But before the party kicks off, it seems fitting to look back on her big 2011, which wasn't just a banner year for Lovato's career, but also her personal life.

After leaving treatment in January, Lovato opened up about her issues (which included eating disorders and self-mutilation) and was on the mend. She thanked her fans for standing by her while she sought treatment and focused on getting healthy. "I can't tell you how much light you brought into my life in probably the darkest time of my life," Lovato said shortly after being released. "Without you guys I wouldn't be here today."

The former Disney princess decided to step away from her Hollywood career to focus on her pop career when she left her hit Disney show "Sonny With a Chance." " 'Sonny' was a chapter in my life I will be forever grateful for," she said in April. "Thank you all for watching."

By July, she was fully in pop-star mode, dropping not only the single for "Skyscraper" but also the equally empowering video for the stirring ballad. "I've been pretty honest," Lovato told MTV News about the track. "My whole journey has been about telling my story and hoping that when I share my story, it inspires somebody. So when I decided to come out with a single that was honest and about my journey and about standing strong and tall like a skyscraper, I hope that it inspired people.

"I thought that there was a bigger opportunity for me to come out with a song that would inspire people, rather than it be just another dance song on the radio," she added.

The song was the lead single off Unbroken, which she dropped in September. "I think it's grown-up, but it's not too grown-up," Lovato explained about the album. "It's not tasteless. It's growing up with my fans. It's [like] I'm not a kid anymore, but I'm also not a full-grown woman either. So I'm in that in-between stage, trying to figure out where that is. So I'm figuring it out, just like my fans are."

In addition to causing a stir with her own music, Lovato had everyone going crazy over her cover of Lil Wayne's "How to Love." She also performed a heartfelt rendition of the national anthem at the World Series and recently returned to the Illinois treatment center where she spent time as a guest speaker.

As the year wraps up, Lovato's fans will have a new single to look forward to, the feel-good track "Give Your Heart a Break."

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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

10 Songs For Your New Year?s Eve Playlist

New Year’s Eve is always a great opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a chance to get get rid of negative vibes and tell yourself that this year will be your year. Or if you’ve had an awesome year, it’s a time to celebrate and party like it’s 1999. Whatever you’re mood may be, we [...]


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David Lee Roth to Reunite with Van Halen & Hit the Road

Some thought it would never happen (again), but it looks like David Lee Roth is honestly and truly back with Van Halen for a special 2012 reunion tour.


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Beyonce's Pregnancy, Ryan Dunn's Death Top 2011 Twitter Topics1675512

'Pretty Little Liars,' Charlie Sheen were also hot on social networking site this year.
By Jocelyn Vena

Beyonce on the 2011 VMA black carpet
Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

It was a busy year on Twitter. People tweeted about everything from tragedy to triumph in 2011. The social networking site has released some of the year's biggest trending topics and hashtags as 2011 comes to a close.

Beyoncé's pregnancy reveal at the VMAs back in August tops the site's list for most tweets per second (TPS). The headline-making news received 9,000 tweets per second. ABC Family's mystery-drenched teen drama "Pretty Little Liars," viral-video sensation Rebecca Black, the Super Bowl and Charlie Sheen, with his penchant for #tigerblood, all made Twitter's list of hot topics and hashtags for the year. Beyoncé surprised everyone on August 28 when she revealed at the MTV VMAs that she and her hubby, Jay-Z, were expecting their first child. She first teased the announcement to photographers on the VMA black carpet, where she appeared decked out in an orange gown, touching her bump. But the big reveal took place during her performance of "Love on Top": At the end of the song, B dropped her mic, unbuttoned her jacket and put her belly on full display. "Thor," "The Dark Knight Rises," "X-Men: First Class," "Fast Five" and "Green Hornet" all made the Year in Review list in the movies category. The top five actresses on Twitter in 2011 were Elizabeth Taylor (who died earlier this year), Mila Kunis, Anne Hathaway, Raven-Symoné and Natalie Portman. Charlie Sheen topped the actors' list, where he's joined by Macaulay Culkin, "Jackass" star Ryan Dunn (who died over the summer), Ricky Gervais and late actor Pete Postlethwaite. Dunn spent more than a decade on MTV as part of the popular stunt show. He was killed in a car accident in Pennsylvania on June 20, and the outpouring of grief for the 34-year-old in the wake of the shocking news was overwhelming. He was remembered by friends like Johnny Knoxville, Dave England, Tom Green and his longtime pal Bam Margera. Rebecca Black and "Friday," the late singer Nate Dogg, the Britney Spears album Femme Fatale, Gerry Rafferty and Gil Scott-Heron topped the music-related list. In TV, "Pretty Little Liars," "Two and a Half Men," "The Craigslist Killer," the Golden Globe Awards and the People's Choice Awards all made the cut. The top five hashtags covered a variety of topics ranging from world news to pop culture moments: #egypt, #tigerblood, #threewordstoliveby, #idontunderstandwhy and #japan all had people talking in 2011.

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Anne Hathaway Does the Splits for Meryl Streep

She starred with Meryl Streep in ?The Devil Wears Prada,? and Anne Hathaway paid a stunning tribute to the Tinseltown veteran at the Kennedy Center Honors last night (December 27).

The ?Get Smart? starlet put on quite the show for Streep, including an on-stage split during a fabulous musical number.

And during the entire night, Anne looked amazing, whether she was performing for the crowd or posing for the paparazzi.

Ms. Hathaway recently accepted a marriage proposal from her boyfriend Adam Shulman and she?ll be back on the silver screen in ?The Dark Knight Rises? on July 20th, 2012.


Amber Brkich Amber Heard Amber Valletta America Ferrera

Taylor Lautner 'Out & Proud' People Cover A Fake

Fabricated cover touts an exclusive interview with the 'Twilight' actor about his sexuality.
By Gil Kaufman

The fake Taylor Lautner <i>People</i> magazine cover

The January 7 cover of People magazine that touts an exclusive interview with "Twilight" star Taylor Lautner about his sexuality is a fake.

The mocked-up cover hit the Web on Monday and instantly raised eyebrows with its claims of an exclusive story titled "Out & Proud." A spokesperson for People confirmed to that the cover — complete with other celeb images that are five years old — is "absolutely fake" but would not comment further when contacted by MTV News.

The Internet joke that began with a Twitter post comes just a few months after GQ Australia was forced to issue an apology to the actor after he took issue with a line of questioning in the interview. The actor was asked whether he was hit on during a meeting with director Gus Van Sant and "Milk" writer Dustin Lance Black, who are both openly gay.

"It's not a coincidence that there was a writer, a director and an actor at dinner," Lautner told GQ about the professional meal. "No, definitely not. I think they know I'm straight. But they're great guys. They're a lot of fun."

Days after the interview made its way online, Black took to his blog to weigh in on the magazine's line of questioning. "Really Mr. GQ writer? I'm curious, will you be asking all of the handsome actors I've ever had the privilege of working with or meeting if I made passes at them as well?" he wrote. "I'd love to be there when you ask Sean Penn that same question. Or, Mr. GQ writer, were you projecting your own unprofessional desires onto me and Gus? Perhaps? Or worse still, are you a homophobe?

"Above and beyond this clear attack on my character, I'm shocked that GQ would allow their writer to lean on the scurrilous, outdated stereotype that gay men are by nature sexual predators," he continued. "I mean, would you have asked this same question if it were Diablo Cody and Kathryn Bigelow at dinner with Mr. Lautner? Leaning on lies, myths and stereotypes about gay people is hateful, harmful and outdated."

The combination of the blowback from Black and other Internet commenters forced the magazine to issue an apology on its Facebook page.

"We've seen some of the comments floating around regarding our recent interview with Taylor Lautner and apologise if anyone was offended by anything in the article. It certainly wasn't our intention to paint anyone in the story as a sexual predator," the statement reads. "The point we were actually trying to push was that Taylor is irresistible to virtually everyone — regardless of sexuality or gender. Hence the film crew cheering at his shirtless scenes while shooting 'Twilight,' and Mark Wahlberg deeming him better looking than Leonardo DiCaprio."

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Beyoncé - Party


  • Artist: Beyoncé
  • Label: Columbia Records
  • Director:


Jill Arrington Jill Wagner Joanna Krupa Joanne Montanez

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Photos | MTV Buzzworthy Blog: Celebs At Sports Games!

MTV Buzzworthy Blog: Celebs At Sports Games!

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Sinead O'Connor Ends Marriage After 18 Days!

After less than three weeks, the Irish singer and her hubby have split. See more celeb pairs who are back to going solo


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Celeb Birthdays of the Week: Dec. 26-Jan. 1

From Jude Law to Meredith Vieira, see what the stars born between Dec. 26-Jan. 1 can tell you about the sign of Capricorn.


Rihanna Robin Tunney Rosario Dawson Rose Byrne

A Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion!


Cindy Crawford Cindy Taylor Cinthia Moura Claudette Ortiz

Beyonce Bans Christmas TV, On The Off-Chance She?ll See One Of Destiny?s Child?s Awful Songs

Beyonce is looking forward to packing away that collapsing stomach she bought while she waits for the stork to bring her newborn into the world. We can only hope she goes a bit Jermaine Jackson and gives it a ludicrous name. And of course, it is Christmas which will see Beyonce and Jay Z having [...]


Scarlett Johansson Selita Ebanks Shakara Ledard Shakira

Sandra's Special Christmas, Britney's Engagement Controversy and Newt's Lead Evaporating

Plus Tom Cruise on his love for Katie Holmes, Rebecca Black's most googled status and the mom who took her baby in a sling to work -- to Parliament!


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Monday, December 26, 2011

Photos | MTV Buzzworthy Blog: Celebrities In Ridiculously Cheesy Halloween Costumes

MTV Buzzworthy Blog: Celebrities In Ridiculously Cheesy Halloween Costumes

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Rebecca Romijn gave up John Stamos for Jerry O&#8217;Connell


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Monica Bellucci & Bianca Balti Dazzle for D&G

Striking a series of stunning poses for the high fashion brand's latest batch of advertisements, Monica Bellucci and Bianca Balti take center stage in Dolce & Gabbana's Spring/Summer 2012 print campaigns.

Tapping the photographic expertise of Giampaolo Sgura, the statuesque Italian stunners team up in the shots to depict the tradition and elegance of Southern Italy.

Inspired by a trio of timeless Italian cinema stars, the prints show Monica and Biana channeling their inner Sofia Loren, Monica Vitti and Anna Magnan.

Dressed in elegant full-length frocks, and two-piece knee-length ensembles, Bellucci and Balti deliver the perfect balance of past and present.


Vanessa Hudgens Vanessa Marcil Vanessa Minnillo Vanessa Simmons

The Top 20 Albums of 2011

Without a doubt, 2011 was a year of great music. Wrapping up the year is no easy task, especially with so many new emerging artists hitting the indie scene and settled greats releasing records as good or better than their efforts decades prior. Our picks for the Top 20 Albums of the year cover a [...]


Angelina Jolie Anna Faris Anna Friel Anna Kournikova

Celebrity Hairstyle: Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

She?s no stranger to awards shindigs, and earlier today (December 2) Taylor Swift was spotted at the 2011 Billboard Women in Music Awards.

The ?Speak Now? songstress looked radiant in a red dress with her new bangy blonde hairdo and a pair of beige heels as she arrived at Capital in New York City.



Anna Faris Anna Friel Anna Kournikova Anna Paquin

Angelina Jolie Takes The Kids Shopping

Angelina Jolie was spotted today in Malta with her large brood of children. All the kids seem to have new toys in their arms ? I wonder if they?re giving them away or if she?s just trying to keep 6 … Continue reading


Angelina Jolie Anna Faris Anna Friel Anna Kournikova

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: No Rush on the Babies Quite Yet

Newlyweds Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo are enjoying marital bliss — so much so that they have put the baby-making on hold, with Nick saying they don’t see any rush in expanding their family anytime soon.

Read more on Nick Lachey & Vanessa Minnillo: No Rush on the Babies Quite Yet…


Vogue Whitney Able Whitney Port Willa Ford

In Memoriam: Nate Dogg, Heavy D Among Stars We Lost In 2011

MTV News remembers 'Jackass' daredevil Ryan Dunn, Alice in Chains bassist Mike Starr and Cali Swag District's M-Bone, among others.
By Tami Katzoff

Nate Dogg
Photo: Mark Sullivan/ WireImage

This year we lost some of our brightest stars: artists that spanned the genres of rock, hip-hop and pop, as well as TV and film. They were at different stages in their careers — some just starting to rise, others already legends — but all left a distinct mark on pop culture, and their deaths affected us deeply.

Beloved hip-hop icons Nate Dogg and Heavy D influenced the generations of artists who followed them. Nate (born Nathaniel Hale) died at age 41 after suffering several health setbacks related to a stroke. One of the key players in the birth of the West Coast G-Funk sound, the crooner's silky smooth vocals touched classic tracks from Snoop Dogg and Warren G to 50 Cent and Ludacris. Fun-loving Heavy D, a major force in the New Jack Swing era, had hits with songs like "We Found Love" and "Nuttin' But Love," but he had also branched out into film and theater. He was 44 when he died this past fall.

Photos: The celebrities gone too soon in 2011.

We lost Mike Starr, former bassist for the groundbreaking Seattle grunge band Alice in Chains. Like Amy Winehouse, who also died this year at the age of 27, Starr's talent was often overshadowed by dependency on alcohol and drugs.

Gun violence claimed the life of 22-year-old Montae Talbert, the Cali Swag District dancer otherwise known as M-Bone. And Australian actor Andy Whitfield, who got his big break when he was cast as the lead in the Starz TV series "Spartacus: Blood and Sand," was 39 when he succumbed to non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.

Finally, the MTV family mourned the death of "Jackass" daredevil and "Viva La Bam" star Ryan Dunn. The 34-year-old died on a rural Pennsylvania road along with his 30-year-old passenger, Zachary Hartwell, when their car slammed into a guardrail and caught fire.

Share your memories of those we lost this year in the comments below.

MTV continues our Best of 2011 coverage by looking back at the biggest pop-culture stories of the year. As we count down the newsmakers that mattered to you most, also check out our Best Artists, Best Songs, Best MTV Live Performances and Best EDM Artists of 2011.

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David Letterman has crabs in his pants!


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Angelina Jolie Visits With Refugees

I told you earlier about Angelina Jolie visiting with refugees, and here she is visiting with refugees in Syria. This is as part of her role as a goodwill ambassador with the United Nations. Angelina’s visit no doubt draws attention … Continue reading


Tatiana Zavialova Taylor Swift Teri Hatcher Teri Polo

I want Conan O&#8217;Brien as a boss!


Kasey Chambers Kat Von D Kate Beckinsale Kate Bosworth

R. Kelly To Host Musical Cruise In 2012 For Some Reason

Well.� This certainly is one for the books: R. Kelly, the eccentric R&B singer is launching a six-day cruise trip that will set sail from Miami and skip around to a number of Caribbean ports in October 2012.� He?s calling it ?Love Letter Cruise,? and it sounds absolutely insane. Why does it sound insane?� Well, [...]


Isla Fisher Ivana Bozilovic Ivanka Trump Izabella Miko

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Hot Links!


Freida Pinto FSU Cowgirls Gabrielle Union Garcelle Beauvais

Holly Valance Is Engaged After Fire-Based Proposal And Gigantic Earthwide Indifference

Holly Valance, who remarkably is only 28, has announced to the world, while pimping herself at a promotional event while dressed as a cave-girl, that she’s gone and got herself engaged to a millionaire. Presumably, we’re all supposed to be crestfallen at this news like we all still fancy her or something, despite the fact [...]


Rhona Mitra Rihanna Robin Tunney Rosario Dawson

Nicki Minaj at the 2012 Grammy Nominations Concert

Nicki Minaj

On Wednesday night (November 30), Nicki Minaj was front and center at the 2012 Grammy Nominations Concert in Los Angeles. The 28-year-old songstress was dressed to impress as she took the stage to help present this year?s esteemed nominees - of which she found herself in the running for Best New Artist honors. Also included in the CBS TV special, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, The Band Perry and Usher all took the stage for spectacular performances while LL Cool J led the night's festivities as host. As one of the most highly-anticipated award shows of the year, the Grammy?s recognize outstanding achievements in the music industry. The show will air live from Staples Center on February 12, 2012. Enjoy the pictures of Nicki Minaj at the 2012 Grammy Nominations Concert. [gallery=791]


Kate Hudson Kate Mara Kate Moss Kate Walsh

Beyoncé - Why Don't You Love Me

Why Don't You Love Me


Chandra West Charisma Carpenter Charli Baltimore Charlies Angels

6 Celebs Looking Festive in Santa Hats!

Christmas is almost here, so dig ou your tackiest Christmas jumper (the more reindeer the better), put on the reddest Santa hat you can find and prepare to embrace the holiday spirit. These 6 celebs are clearly feeling very Christmassy and have all donned a festive looking red and white hat in the hopes of [...]


Amanda Detmer Amanda Marcum Amanda Peet Amanda Righetti

Merry Christmas

Alright, I’m done for the holidays. Time to crack open the eggnog and whiskey and kick back. As a gift I thought I’d leave you with some videos of a few sexy holiday hotties. You’re welcome.


April Scott Arielle Kebbel Ashanti Ashlee Simpson

Friday, December 23, 2011

'Dark Knight Rises' Buildup Brings Year Of Questions, Expectations

Despite trailer, Christopher Nolan's Batman film is shrouded in secrecy.
By Eric Ditzian

Christian Bale in "The Dark Knight Rises"
Photo: Warner Bros.

The "Dark Knight Rises" trailer left the MTV News movie staff with a whole fresh set of questions: Is Robin really in the movie? Why is Bruce Wayne walking with a cane? But in a way, there was something very familiar about our state of mind after checking out the new footage.

That's because, since the beginning of the year, we've been consumed with burning questions about Christopher Nolan's third Batman film. And at every turn, we'd tried to get answers to those questions, hitting up the film's stars time and time again. Sometimes, we came away with new insights. Sometimes, answers only led to another set of queries. There's something exasperating about this whole endeavor — but also something awesome. And the movie doesn't even hit theaters for another seven months.

When it does finally arrive, will the film deliver a definite end point to the story line Nolan and his cohorts have been spinning since 2005's "Batman Begins"? After all, Nolan himself promised us back in February, before production even began on the project, that it would: "We're very much excited about really finishing a trilogy and giving a conclusion to our story," he said. "And that's what we're doing."

By the end of the year, after shooting had wrapped, co-star Gary Oldman assured us Nolan had stuck to that promise. "There's a conclusion," he said. "[Nolan] brings and he touches on the first [film, 'Batman Begins'] and he weaves it in, and it resolves. And I think it's a trilogy, but it's just great. The story is terrific. I mean, it's just epic."

So, a tiny bit of confirmation there. Yet Oldman also laughed afterward, "I can't say anything!" That was a theme we heard repeated again and again during the year. When we asked Joseph Gordon-Levitt if his character was Robin, he answered, "You know I can't have this conversation!" When we pressed Tom Hardy about his role as the villain Bane, he exclaimed, "I can't [talk about it], so let's have another question!" And when we wondered whether Marion Cotillard was telling us the truth when she claimed her character, contrary to rumor, would not in fact turn out to be Talia al Ghul, the daughter of "Batman Begins" villain, Ra's al Ghul, the actress responded with a sly smile, "I am!"

We're not sure what's more impressive: Nolan's oeuvre or his ability to keep his actors' lips sealed. They would, however, say one thing without worrying about giving up a "Dark Knight Rises" spoiler: Everyone loves Nolan. "It's genius, what he does," Hardy shared. Cotillard told us, "It's amazing to work on Christopher Nolan's set," while Nestor Carbonell added, "He's one of these amazing storytellers."

If anyone could sum up the year in "Dark Knight Rises" news, though, it was Liam Neeson, who may or may not actually be in the movie (though we're pretty sure he is) and who told us simply that he doesn't have "a f---ing clue what it's about!"

Well put, Mr. Neeson. Us too. But we can't wait to find out.

Check out everything we've got on "The Dark Knight Rises."

For breaking news and previews of the latest comic book movies — updated around the clock — visit

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